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Yuan, Xinhao 917 868


  • 2012/08-2019/05Ph.D. Columbia University, Department of Computer Science. Advisor: Junfeng Yang.
  • 2007/09-2011/07B.Eng. Tsinghua University, Department of Computer Science and Technology.

Research and Working Experience

  • 2012/08-2019/05Research Assistant, Columbia University, Advisor: Junfeng Yang
    • Led research projects on reliability of concurrent software systems:
      • Morpheus, an effective concurreny testing tool for Erlang/Elixir using partial order sampling [1] and program analysis that reduces redundant exploration.
        In submission to SOSP 2019, and open-sourced on
      • Partial order sampling [1], an effective randomized algorithm for concurrency testing that leverages partial order semantics to provide strong formal guarantees of error-detection and find errors in any partial orders of a program.
      • Txit [2], a framework to make lock-free data structures managable to verify by adding artificial memory transactions.
    • Contributed significantly to other projects in the research group:
      • Shuffler [3], a practical code-reuse defense using continuous code re-randomization.
      • Grandet [4], a cloud storage solution that optimizes object placement for economical effectiveness.
      • AppDoctor [5], a systematic testing tool that explores user interactions with android apps to find crash bugs.
  • 2017/05-2017/08Research Intern, Microsoft Research, Mentor: Suman Nath
    • Implemented the C++ instrumentation/orchestration framework for the Azure storage as a part of Torch, a framework for analyzing distributed systems and services.
  • 2016/01-2016/05Research Intern, Microsoft/Microsoft Research, Mentor: Cheng Huang
    • Applied pragmatic instrumentation and systematic concurrency testing on the Azure storage, and improved its reliability.
  • 2015/06-2015/08Research Intern, Microsoft Research, Mentor: Lidong Zhou
    • Designed and built a research prototype of DSoAP, a distributed computing platform specialized for social analytics.
  • 2009/11-2011/06Research Intern at System Research Group, Microsoft Research Asia, Mentor: Ming Wu
    • Implemented the TPC-C benchmark for Hyder [6] database system.
    • Awarded "Stars of Tomorrow" internship certificate for the excellent performance.


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[2]Xinhao Yuan, David Williams-King, Junfeng Yang, and Simha Sethumadhavan. Make Lock-free Data Structures Verifiable with Artificial Transactions. In PLOS 2015.
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  • 27th place in 37th Annual World Finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (2013)
  • Champion of ACM/ICPC '12, Greater New York Region
  • Gold medal in the National Olympiad in Informatics '06, China